Thursday 11th Aug 2022
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MP Ahmed Toriq (Tom)

MP Thoriq Calls On Fishermen To Send Strong Message to Govt At Komandoo Ballot-Box

MP Ahmed "Tom" Thoriq (PPM-Mahibadhoo) addressed the fishermen of Komandoo, which faces a bi-election following the death of the MDP's MP Hussain Waheed who had represented the constituency.
In a tweet posted today, MP Thoriq shared a video which showed fishermen expressing their complaints to the Minister of Fisheries and Minister of Finance during their meeting with the fishing community.
Among the complaints the video had depicted the fishermen expressing had been the unavailability of ice, the difficulty of weighing the fish, and the prices that a catch fetched. The video shows both the Fisheries and Finance Ministers slowly back away from the fishermen as the complaints are expressed.
MP Thoriq called for all of Komandoo's fishing families to come out and say "no" to both candidates proposed by the government. He said that the strongest message that could give to the government was to express the complaints of the fishing community at the ballot box.
In his tweet, MP Thoriq described the Maldives National Party's candidate as being supported by the government, as well.