Thursday 11th Aug 2022
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Solih And The MDP Not Worthy Of Bringing Within 100 Feet Of The Presidency: Dr Jameel

Former Vice President, Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has stated that the government has found Aasandha; the national healthcare scheme; to be a "huge burden", yet has decided to spend a total of MVR500 million towards Majlis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's palace. Speaker Mohamed Nasheed is the leader of the main party of the ruling coalition, the Maldivian Democratic Party.
Dr Jameel stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and his party, the MDP, were not worthy of coming within "100 feet" of the presidency, and that the entirety of their purpose is personal enrichment.
In a tweet posted earlier today, Dr Jameel said that Aasandha was a "huge burden" for the government when it had to be given to the poor citizens, yet they deemed spending a total of MVR500 million in 5 years for Speaker Nasheed's palace to be meritorious.
After the May 6, 2021 attempt on Speaker Nasheed's life, a law came into effect which mandated the government to provide the heads of each branch of the government with an official residence. The Majlis had approved MVR6.8 million from its annual budget for the Majlis Speaker's official residence.
Until the completion of construction of the Majlis Speaker's residence, Speaker Nasheed is to reside at Muraidhooge.
The State had budgeted MVR5.3 million for the residence of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.