Sunday 2nd Oct 2022
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MP Ikram Hassan

It Is Ugly And Inappropriate For Other Parties To Compete For MDP’s Komandoo Seat: MP Ikram

MP Ikram Hussain (MDP-Dhiggaru) has claimed that it was “inappropriate” for other parties to compete for the Komandoo seat in the Majlis, as the seat “belonged” to the ruling MDP.
The MDP’s Komandoo seat in the Majlis became vacant last month, after the MDP’s representative for Komandoo; MP Hussain Waheed; died while being treated for cancer at ADK Hospital.
The bi-election will be held on February. In addition to the MDP, the opposition parties; PPM and MNP; would also compete for the seat.
In a tweet posted yesterday, MP Ikram stated that the Komandoo seat “belonged” to the MDP for five years, and that it was “inappropriate” and “ugly” for other parties to compete for it.
MP Ikram stated that even if other parties were to compete, the MDP would easily win the bi-election.