Tuesday 26th Sep 2023
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MP Ikram Hassan

MPs Should Get VIP Treatment at Football Matches: MP Ikram

MP Ikram Hussain (Dhiggaru) has called for "easier arrangements" to be made for parliamentarians to purchase tickets for football matches.
Speaking in a WhatsApp group consisting of parliamentarians, MP Ikram wrote that easier arrangements should be made for Members of Parliament wishing to purchase tickets for the ongoing SAFF Championship football matches.
Several members of the public had expressed their displeasure yesterday after failing to procure tickets for today's match after having had waited for 2-3 hours in queue. Many had complained that there had been a shortage of tickets on sale yesterday.
MP Ikram had also called for special seating for parliamentarians and had also expressed his wish for parliamentarians to be allowed into the stadium through the VIP gate. He said that he believed that such privileges can be arranged if the Majlis, through its protocols, requested these privileges from the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment and the Football Association of Maldives.
MP Ikram had previously complained about a perceived lack of privileges and respect given to parliamentarians. Other parliamentarians of his party; the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party; had responded to his prior complaints. The Party's leader, former President Mohamed Nasheed, had also responded to him.