Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Maldives Police Service

Cases Of Drugs, Theft, Assault, Mugging Last Night Alone

The Maldives Police Service has stated that many cases of theft, mugging, assault, and drugs had been reported between this morning and yesterday evening.
The Police had launched Operation Riveli to crack down on crime related to New Year’s celebrations.
99 people had been searched, and 504 people had been interrogated during the period of time between 4pm on 31 December until 6am on 1 January. 3 individuals were currently under police custody in relation to different cases.
13 individuals had been fined and 6 vehicles had been towed as a result of traffic violations. 5 parties had been warned in related to maritime violations. 6 individuals had been warned for not wearing a face-mask in public, and 2 individuals had been fined.
Operation Riveli had been in effect since 24 December; 789 locations and 387 vehicles had been searched.
The Police had increased patrols throughout Malé City, had questioned loiterers, and had searched known crime hotspots.