Friday 1st Mar 2024
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MP Adam Shareef Umar

ACC Member Dismissal Evidence Of Majlis' Tyranny: MP Shareef

MP Adam Shareef Umar (PPM-Maduvvaree), the leader of PPM/PNC Parliamentary Group, has described the mass resignation of all of the members of the Anti-Corruption Commission as evidence of the government’s and the Majlis’ tyranny.
The last remaining members of the ACC, including its president, had resigned today. Two of its members had resigned earlier once the Parliament Committee on Independent Institutions had begun its work on dismissing the Commission’s members.
The Auditor General’s Office had conducted a performance audit of the ACC on the request of the Parliament Committee. A motion to dismiss the ACC’s members had been submitted to the Majlis on the strength of the Auditor General’s report.
Although the remaining three members had been given adequate time to provide a response to a motion; the Committee had decided, last night, to dismiss all of the ACC’s members.
MP Shareef tweeted that all members of the ACC had resigned because the “extreme”undue influence exerted by the Majlis. He said that this was evidence of the government’s and the Majlis’ “tyranny”.
He further commented that governing without interfering in the work of independent institutions was something that “should be learned”.