Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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India Out Campaign Harms Citizens Of India And The Maldives: Jumhooree Party

The Jumhooree Party has stated that the Maldives' progress and security lay with maintaining calm relations with foreign countries, and he said that calling "India Out" posed harm to citizens of both nations.
A statement released by JP today read that maintaining a foreign military presence, and granting any part of the country for use by a foreign military, was prohibited by the Constitution.
The statement said that since no parliamentary body has approved the granting of any part of the Maldives for the use of a foreign military, the JP believed that there was no legal grounds to claim that "India's military" was present in the country.
However, the statement read that it was beneficial for both countries that the military of one country should stay in the other country, as sanctioned by bilateral treaties, for the purposes of training, conducting rescue operations, border patrol and security operations. The statement read that the JP would not, at any instance, approve of anything that could jeopardise the Maldives' independence and sovereignty.
The JP's statement accused that the characterisation of "unarmed", uniformed foreign soldiers present in another country as a military operation was often made by opposition parties with the ulterior, political motive of undermining the ruling government.
The statement said that the Maldives is poor in natural resources, and heavily dependant on imports from foreign countries, maintaining the smoothest possible relations with foreign countries was the best and smoothest road for maintaining the Maldives' progress, safety, and security.
Therefore, read the party's statement, calling out "India Out" against India; with whom the Maldives has maintained long, friendly relations; was a disservice to citizens of both countries.
The statement read that the Jumhooree Party would neither encourage nor accept the long-term damage that the Maldives may face as a result of the political campaign under the banners of "India Out" and "India Military Out".