Thursday 9th Feb 2023
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India Out

Police Block Opposition Motorcycle Rally On Friday

The Maldives Police Service have blocked a motorcycle rally planned for late Friday afternoon by the opposition Progressive Congress Coalition.
Many young people had gathered near PPM’s main office, where the rally was planned to begin. The Police had blocked all entrances to the area.
The Police had stated that they would not permit the rally to take place.
A statement released by the Maldives Police Service had claimed that they had received reports that “disruptive acts” had been planned with regards to the rally. The Police had stated that protecting the public interest and safeguarding the public was their responsibility.
The Police had also used pepper-spray against the demonstrators.
PPM Spokesperson, Heena Waleed had said that no PPM activity or event had had any disruptive events. She accused the government of acting as per India’s instructions.
The ruling MDP’s parliamentarians have taken to social media to call for a stop to be put to the intensifying “India Out” demonstrations and activities.