Thursday 11th Aug 2022
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Nazaki Zaki

Nazaki Zaki Joins Opposition

Mohamed “Nazaki” Zaki has left the Adhaalath Party and signed with the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives.
Zaki joined the party during a ceremony at PPM’s head offices, and he had handed his signed form to the opposition leader former President Abdullah Yameen.
Zaki had previously been the chairman of the Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) under the Solih administration. He resigned from his post citing “corruption” at the MPL.
Zaki had previously served as the Maldivian ambassador to Malaysia under the administrations of Presidents Mohamed Nasheed and Dr Mohamed Waheed.
Zaki had been instrumental in the publication of “Sandhaanu” during President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom’s dictatorial reign. As “Sandhaanu” was critical of President Maumoon’s government, Zaki had been sentenced to life in prison. He had served 6 years of that life sentence.