Tuesday 24th May 2022
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Political appointees

President Solih Makes Two More Political Appointments

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has once again made two more political appointments. Both appointments were made from the member-parties of the ruling coalition.
The President appointed the Adhaalath Party’s Thooba Rasheed to the post of Senior Executive Director at the Youth Ministry; MRM’s Ali Thaif to the Senior Executive Director at the Heritage Ministry.
Although the constitution grants a sitting President the right to grant political appointments; President Solih had been voted in after a campaign of promising to reduce the number of political appointments.
An executive director is paid a monthly salary of MVR 18,000.
According to the government’s proposed budget for next year, the government will have a total 1,039 political appointments. Likewise, the budget has allocated MVR402 million towards their salaries.
President Solih has come under much criticism for his increasing number of political appointments, given his campaign-trail promises of reducing political appointments and claims that the work of government could be done with the help of the Civil Service.