Monday 2nd Oct 2023
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Custodial deaths

Bangladeshi Man On Remand Dies In Custody

An individual on remand by request of the Prosecutor General’s Office has died while in custody.
The individual on remand had been Muhammad Aktar, a Bangladeshi man who was held in a Malé jail cell. He had died of a stroke. The other people in the cell with him had requested that he be transferred out of their cell after he had the stroke.
According to a reliable source, the man had been transferred to another cell and was kept there. He died as he was not provided any medical care for his condition.
According to the Maldives Correctional Services, he had died while being treated at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital.
However, as per the source, the man had been taken to IGMH after his death, and the Maldives Correctional Services is working to cover-up the circumstances of his death.