Monday 5th Dec 2022
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Majlis Passes Motion To End Anti-Competitive Practices Of Large Telecom Companies

The Citizens' Majlis passed a motion today to take action against telecom companies that had adopted business practices which harmed small and medium enterprises.
The motion had been proposed in a inquiry into the state of the nation's science, communication, and technology sector released by the Parliament Committee on National Development and Heritage. The report was passed today.
The inquiry had highlighted that large telecom companies sometimes entered into competition with smaller companies, and therefore recommended that anti-competitive and unfair business practices were to be blocked.
The Majlis also recommended that all of the regulations of the Communication Authority of Maldives be completed. The Majlis also pointed out that given the strides that the world was making in these fields, it was important that the Maldives promoted the introduction of new and innovative technology, and that the necessary changes to the legislature be made in to cater for that introduction.