Monday 2nd Oct 2023
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Man Who Threatened Nasheed Faces 26 Years In Prison If Found Guilty

Ismail Yasif, who had been arrested for posting a threat to kill Majlis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed if he were to return to the Maldives on social media, is facing heavy charges.
The Prosecutor General's Office announced today that the State was charging Yasif with three crimes given a post that he had published regarding his alleigance to the terrorist organisation known as the Islamic State, and given that he had published multiple death-threats against Speaker Nasheed on various social media platforms.
He is being charged with encouraging acts of terrorism under the Prevention of Terrorism Act; if found guilty, Yasif faces a prison sentence of between 10-15 years. He is also being charged with supporting a terrorist organisation, which carries a prison sentence of 3-5 years.
He is also charged with contravening the Anti-Terrorism Act for his alleged threats to commit an act of terrorism. If found guilty, he faces a prison sentence of 4-6 years.
Prior to being elected president, Speaker Nasheed had been an ardent critic of the long prison sentences carried out during the dictatorship of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.