Sunday 29th Jan 2023
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MP Ahmed Toriq (Tom)

India Blocked The Ihavandhippolhu Port Project: MP Thoriq

MP Ahmed "Tom" Thoriq (Mahibadhoo) has claimed that the port at Ihavandhippolhu was blocked directly by India.
During the debate in the Majlis on a motion submitted by MP Ahmed Saleem (Hoarafushi) calling for docking services to be provided for cargo ships in the Ihavandhippolhu region; the far north of the Maldives; MP Thoriq said that such motions had been submitted to the Majlis this year and the previous year.
MP Thoriq pointed out that motions had been submitted proposing the establishment of offshore platforms for use by tuna fishermen. He remarked that the motion had seemed like the offshore platforms were so lavish that it seemed that the platforms would host recreational facilities for fishermen, as well. Similarly, he pointed out that motions had been submitted calling for the development of "neighbourhood fish factories" to "export fish to Europe". MP Thoriq said that whatever that was said during the debates on these motions were different to how the government ultimately acted.
MP Thoriq had accused MP Saleem's motion as having an ulterior motive. He accused MP Saleem of attempting to deceive the public by such a motion.
MP Thoriq said that former President Yameen had worked to develop a port at Ihavandhippolhu, but his efforts had been thwarted by India. He claimed that even President Solih would be unable to develop a port without handing it over to India.
"The previous administration worked on a port project at Ihavandhippolhu. What happened? Why did India go into a frenzy when a port was being developed in Sri Lanka? The port's developed was hindered deliberately", said MP Thoriq. He claimed that India was motivated either by profit or by security concerns.
MP Thoriq also used his time to criticise President Solih. He said that it made no sense for the President to develop 20 islands for tourism and then go abroad and tell the world that the Maldives would disappear in a hundred years.