Tuesday 24th May 2022
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Political appointees

Pro-Govt Entertainer Muaz Appointed to Political Position at NCA

Abdulla Muaz, a well-known entertainer, has been given a political appointment in the government.
Muaz was appointed as the Senior Executive Director of the National Centre for Arts (NCA), which runs under the Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Heritage. The appointment comes with a monthly salary of MVR 25,500 (USD$ 1,650).
Twenty-one political appointments have already been made within the Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Heritage. Muaz is very active on Twitter as a supporter of the Solih administration, and he frequently responds to the government's critics on the platform.
Although President Solih came to power with promises of reducing political appointments, the current administration has had the largest number of political appointees since the formation of the Civil Service. The State pays several million Rufiyaa in salaries for more than 1,000 appointees.