Wednesday 17th Aug 2022
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Solih and Nasheed Are Traitors Whose Reign Must Be Put to an End: Dr Jameel

Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has characterised President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and former President Mohamed Nasheed, the Speaker of the Majlis, as "traitors" whose reign must be brought to an end.
Referring to the handover of Velana International Airport to GMR, an Indian company, Dr Jameel alleged that every MDP administration posed a threat to national sovereignty.
He said that even then, the MDP had "sold off the airport and harmed the citizens" and that President Solih and former President Nasheed had "betrayed their country". He further pointed out that foreign troops should not be allowed in the Maldives, and any such government that allows them should come to an end.
It is noteworthy that former President Nasheed had publicly stated that the presence of foreign troops in the Maldives was no cause for concern. He had mentioned this following the controversy that erupted within the MDP after an MDP council member for the Male City Council, Ahmed Zameer, signed the Defend Maldives petition that called for the removal of Indian troops from the Maldives. Nasheed made the statement in an MDP WhatsApp group. He said that the Maldives should abandon its policy of neutrality and align itself with India, which was its closest ally.