Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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Zameer Withdraws Signature from Defend Maldives Petition, Cites Nasheed's Displeasure as Reason

Male City Councilmember Ahmed Zameer (Machchangolhi-Central) has withdrawn his signature from the Defend Maldives petition after having signed it earlier. The Defend Maldives petition calls for the removal of Indian military personnel from all parts of the Maldives.
Zameer's signing of the petition had been criticized by the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party, to which he belonged; the Party had also released a statement condemning Zameer's signing of the petition.
Zameer said that former President Mohamed Nasheed, the current MP for the Machchangolhi-Central Constituency, was displeased about Zameer's signing of the Defend Maldives Petition.
Zameer stated that his decision to withdraw his signature was due to former President Nasheed's displeasure.
Former President Nasheed published a tweet thanking Zameer for withdrawing his signature from the petition.