Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Supreme Court

Hearing of Ameen Cancelled due to Absence of Lawyer

Supreme Court had scheduled the appeal case lodged by the Prosecutor General’s Office regarding the High Court’s dismissal of the terrorism charges raised against Mohamed Ameen, Kariyya Villa, Maadhandu, Fuvahmulah City, failed to proceed and have been scheduled for tomorrow.
At the start of today’s hearing Chief Justice Ahmed Muthasim Adnan had noted that whilst the court had been informed that Ameen’s lawyer, Ahmed Yameen, is sick. Chief Justice also stated that lawyer Ismail Wisham has been appointed to represent Ameen.
When Chief Justice asked if that was how it happened Ameen had explained that he had some health issues due to which he had consulted at a flu clinic last night. He noted that he was only able to return home early in the morning after the doctors’ consultation. He also added that the Police were aware of his visit to the flue clinic. He had also requested the Court to change his lawyer.
The Chief Justice noted that the form submitted to appoint a second lawyer had been incomplete. The signature and the fingerprint were missing on the form that was submitted to the court to appoint Ismail Wisham as the second lawyer. Therefore, the Chief Justice had asked Ameen to submit a completed form as it is not a trial that can be concluded without a lawyer.
Although High Court had dismissed the terrorism charges against Mohamed Ameen on September 16 stating that the charges were filed after the expiration of the statute of limitation.
Even though High Court had dismissed the charges against Ameen, they issued a MoniCon order against Ameen. Although High Court dismissed the charges against Ameen state had decided to appeal through Supreme Court.
While the appeal case is scheduled for tomorrow the Judges that would be presiding with the appeal case are Chief Justice Ahmed Muthasim Adnan, Justice Aisha Shujoon Mohamed, and Justice Husnu Al Suood.