Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Ali Waheedh

President Solih Took Over MVR 35 Million from Former VP Adheeb: Ali

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's cabinet's first Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has accused Solih of taking MMPRC money from Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb.
Speaking at the press conference which was held last night former tourism minister Ali Waheed had accused the president of being involved in the MMPRC scandal. Waheed had claimed that President Solih had taken MMPRC money from former Vice President Adheeb in a black bag. He said this while answering a question by a journalist regarding a bag of USD 35 million which was taken to a flat in Rehendhi apartments who was taken by one of the five members who were leading the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).
Previously opposition Congress party members have accused President Solih of being involved in the MMPRC scandal.
Ali Waheed further said that in the previous investigations president Solih's name was among the list that was published. President Solih's name was taken out of the list by the investigating officer then Assistant Commissioner of police Mohamed Riyaz.
Waheed said that some members of the MDP have not touched MMPRC money. Maafannu Uthuru Constituency Member Imthiyaaz Fahmee is among those who have not been involved in the MMPRC scandal.