Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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President Solih

Media Outlets Offered MVR 100,000 to Cover President's UNGA Speech

The President's Office has decided to pay up to MVR 100,000 to the main media outlets of Maldives to cover the President's UN General Assembly speech and sideline events the president takes part in.
A senior official of one of the mainstream media outlets of Maldives informed TMJ, that the President's Office offered MVR 100,000 to his outlet. In addition smaller outlets have been offered sums up to MVR 50,000.
When asked for a comment on this matter, Mabrook Aziz the spokesperson at the President's Office stated that since this year's UN General Assembly is special for Maldives, the government is working with mainstream media outlets of Maldives. However, he did not reveal how much they are paying for coverage.
While the President's Office is spending millions on promoting the president, it should be noted that the budget deficit of Maldives has reached MVR 7 billion this year.