Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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Fisheries Ministry

Fishermen's Day to be celebrated in K.Gaafaru

The Fisheries Ministry has announced that the Fishermen's Day celebrations will be held at K.Gaafaru this year.
Today the Fisheries Ministry had announced that the celebrations will be held at K.Gaafaru and island close by to Male’ City. The Ministry said that choosing a nearby island would be cost-effective when organizing the event.
The Ministry further said that the decision was made after discussing with the Gaafaru Council and that this year, the government did not announce for islands to reveal their interest in holding the celebrations
Fishermen's Day is celebrated in the Maldives on the 10th of December every year. This year the Maldives is celebrating the 41st Fishermen’s Day.
Due to the Covid-19 last year Fishermen’s Day Celebration was held online. The Fisheries Ministry has not revealed any details regarding the events that will be held to celebrate this year's Fishermen's Day.