Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Faris Maumoon

MRM's Supreme Leader's Son to Compete for Party's Presidency

Faaris Maumoon, the eldest son of President Maumoon has announced that he will be running for the post of party president of Maldives Reform Movement (MRM).
MRM is a party founded by Maumoon and Maumoon is running for the party's Supreme leader position. At the moment he is the interim supreme leader of the party. MRM's first congress is to be held online and the party has announced interested candidates to apply for various senior positions of the party.
Faaris Maumoon is the former MP for Dhiggaru constituency. However he lost in the 2019 elections after running for a seat in the capital Male'. Since then he has been away from politics.
It is well known among political circles that Maumoon wants Faaris Maumoon to become the president of Maldives one day. During President Yameen's administration he requested President Yameen to appoint Faaris as his Vice President. However President Yameen refused to do so, it led to a rift between Maumoon and President Yameen.