Sunday 2nd Oct 2022
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Covid-19 Expenditure Reaches MVR 3.88 billion in the last week

The statistic report of Finance Ministry Showed that total expenditure health and social sector reached an amount of MVR 3.88 billion on Covid-19.
The statistic report that Finance Ministry publicized “Covid Spending” expenditure showed up until 9th September for Social and Health Sector expenses to control Covid-19 an amount of MVR 2,106.9 million was spent. These are the expenses from the beginning of January to 8th September.
According to the “Weekly Covid Expenses” publicized by the Ministry of Finance expenditure related to the health and social sectors, has reached MVR 2,106.9 million. The total expenses linked to the economy were recorded by 9th September at MVR 1,773.4 million. Therefore Covid-19 expenses have surpassed MVR 3 billion.
According to the Statistic, reports showed that the Health Ministry registered the highest spending reaching an amount of MVR 805.8 million. The second highest expenditure has been registered by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), at MVR 869.2 million. The third highest expenditure has been registered by the Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), at MVR 192.7 million.
Regarding Covid-19, Health Ministry contributed MVR 58.5 million as an allowance for the employee of the Health Ministry.
The total expenses linked to the economic response efforts recorded were MVR 1,773.4 million. This is the Economic Response Package that was assembled by the government for the Covid-19.
Under the Economic Response Package, and these expenditures include discounts from utility bills and the money given as income support allowance.