Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Those Who Harm Suspects in Police Custody Will Face Criminal Charges: Parliament

Parliament has passed a regulation that mandates those who are suspected of harming people in police custody to be criminally charged.
The Parliamentary Committee on National Security (214 Committee) compiled a report based on the evaluation of allegations that a person arrested for theft was harmed while in police custody. The report was presented to the parliament floor ad passed today.
The 241 Committee made four proposals after evaluating the issue. As harming a person is a criminal offense under the Anti-Torture Act, administrative steps will not suffice in such matters.
Parliament has passed that the police administration should be asked to conduct a criminal investigation into anyone suspected of such a criminal offense as per the criminal justice system.
As the police investigation shows that the detainee sustained the injuries while in police custody, parliament has decided to notify the Prosecutor General’s Office to conduct a criminal investigation and prosecute those involved.
Parliament has also decided to inform the police administration to provide training to ensure that officers work to uphold detainees’ constitutional rights.
Additionally, the administration will be required to make arrangements to monitor how officers treat detainees for investigative purposes.