Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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MP Mohamed Rasheed Hussain

Alifushi Airport Included in Budget: Bigey

Parliament representative for Alifushi constituency Mohamed Rasheed Hussain (Bigey) has stated that the airport to be developed in Alifushi, Raa Atoll by the government has been previously planned budgeted.
During an event held at Alifushi on Wednesday night, Bigey claimed that the government would not proceed with a project that has not been included in the budget, and that the Alifushi airport is an important project that has been budgeted. He highlighted that the airport will be completed in 2023, and will commence operations in the same year.
“In 2023, the difficult journeys we have made to this island will be made easier... Hopefully, it will bring much ease. For all its efforts towards development for the public, I thank the government on behalf of the residents of Alifushi”, said Bigey.
According to the Alifushi MP, there are numerous obstacles to the Alifushi airport, and that he himself has faced those difficulties. “I also face difficulties… some personally aimed. I want to say, even if people personally point fingers at me, I will not back down and will remain steadfast in fulfilling my duties to the residents of Alifushi”.
While Bigey has stated as such, it is worth noting that the Alifushi airport has ever been budgeted. During the presidential elections and the parliamentary elections, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih vowed to develop an airport in the south of Raa Atoll as it would ease travel for islands and resorts in the surrounding area.
President Solih vowed to construct an airport in the southern region of the Raa Atoll. Former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s government has previously decided and worked towards establishing an airport in the south of Raa Atoll.