Friday 1st Mar 2024
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MP Ibrahim Shareef (Kelaa)

Pres. Solih Not Required to Discuss Dhapparu with Citizens: Shareef

Parliament representative for Kelaa constituency Ibrahim Shareef has stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is not required to discuss his decision to remove Dhapparu from Filladhoo’s jurisdiction with Filladhoo, Haa Alif Atoll residents.
Shareef made his statement while speaking to Vice President of the Filladhoo Council Mohamed Razeef. Razeef speculated that Shareef claimed it was a mistake for the government to consider Dhapparu as part of Filladhoo’s jurisdiction. He iterated that it is difficult to believe that the government maintained its mistake for over a year.
In response, Shareef said that he has never said so, and that the President does not need to discuss his decisions. He then revealed that someone else claimed that Dhapparu was mistakenly declared as part of Filladhoo jurisdiction.
Razeef also highlighted that there is no documentation on the projects to be carried out in Dhapparu. Shareef replied that the project is at the Planning Ministry, and urged the council to question the ministry.
The Kelaa MP added that he was dissatisfied with how the Filladhoo Council President spoke of him in a recent interview.