Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Team arrived to begin Cancer Hospital project

An Indian team of experts arrived in the Maldives on the 5th of September. The team arrived to work on the project of the Cancer Hospital which will be built in L.Gan
The team which arrived yesterday belongs to Mumbai TATA Memorial Center, it also consists of two Oncologists. The team will be researching the interim period and move forward with the project.
This Hospital is being constructed under Indian grant assistance of USD 800 million lines of credit. This line of credit is to be paid back in the coming 20 years.
The government also stated that the hospital will have equipment that will help to understand the illness as well as provide necessary rehabilitation facilities. The establishment of a tertiary level hospital in Laamu Atoll will greatly enhance healthcare accessibility for the local community, who no longer need to travel to the capital to access basic healthcare needs. The government also stated that this will help establish Medical Tourism in Laam Atoll.
The government also stated that they will be training specialists for the certified jobs therefore, 250 Maldivians will be given training.