Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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President Solih

President Solih's Legal Counsel Addicted to Meth

The Maldives Journal has learnt that Ahmed Abdullah Afeef the legal counsel to President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih is addicted to methamphetamine.
He got addicted to the powerful drug around two months ago. Even before Afeef is known to abuse other forms of drugs such as cocaine and intoxicants such as alcohol. However, he later got addicted meth after using it at a party.
Methamphetamine is a powerful and highly addictive drug that affects the central nervous system. It is illegal to consume meth in the Maldives.
Sources confirm that Afeef dresses up for work every day and goes to a well-known meth den in Maafannu ward of Male’. Afeef is often absent from the office and even on the days he attends office, he spends just a few minutes at the office.
“His behavior has changed a lot now. He is always angry” said a staff of the President's Office who spoke to TMJ.
When asked whether the president intends to take any action against Afeef, Mabrook Azeez the official spokesperson of the government stated that he is not aware of any such plans. However, he hinted that there are some “issues” with regard to Afeef. He did not comment when asked whether the president is aware of Afeef’s addiction but did not deny the allegations.
Afeef is the brother-in-law of veteran politician Ibrahim Ismail (Ibra). Ibra is the elder brother of Fayyaz Ismail, the most influential minister of President Solih’s cabinet. Some sources claim that the president is hesitant to take action against Afeef due to his family connections with Fayyaz.
As the president’s legal counsel Afeef oversees many important matters such as deciding who gets presidential pardons and settling civil cases between the government and private parties.