Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Thila-Male' bridge

Contractor Schedule to Determine Opening Dates for Sections of Bridge: Govt

The government has stated that the opening dates for the sections of the bridge will be determined by the contractor’s project schedule. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih previously claimed that sections of the Thilamale’ Bridge will be opened as they are built.
During the last press conference, President Solih stated it is unlikely for the bridge to be completed by the end of his presidential term in 2023. However, he assured the bridge will be opened in sections as construction progresses.
When questioned on the matter by Dhiyares, Spokesperson at the President’s Office Mabrook Azeez said that the construction company’s project schedule will reveal the progression and dates of the bridge’s development.
According to Mabrook, details on the bridge will be provided within this week. The bridge is to be developed in sections, and the government must be informed of the specifications soon after the contract signing, said Mabrook. He added that although the government will be involved in the project, the dates will ultimately be determined by the contractor.
Although the Thilamale’ bridge is not part of the government’s manifesto, the government announced the project in 2019. Since the announcement, the government has signed numerous agreements in the name of the bridge.
The bridge is to be funded with a USD 400 million loan from India’s EXIM Bank. The bank chose the company to be assigned the project, but the contract signing was delayed as the company failed to provide the required financial guarantee.
President Solih, on several occasions, has provided several dates for the initiation and completion of the bridge’s construction. In the most recent press conference, the president claimed that the contract would be signed within a week. However, the bridge’s contract was not signed within the duration.