Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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MP Easa

Witnessing Atoll Councils Operating as Mini Govts: Easa

Parliament representative for Kendhikulhudhoo constituency Ahmed Easa has stated that he is witnessing still councils operating outside their jurisdictions and acting as mini governments.
Speaking on the government's amendment to the Uninhabited Islands Act, MP Easa claimed that some atoll councils have mistaken their jurisdictions, forgoing their responsibilities and carrying out unnecessary efforts. He did not specify which councils he was referring to.
Easa believes that uninhabited islands must be managed by the closest island council. Stating that the islands can be best protected from danger by the council that is closest.
He accused some atoll councils of attempting to obtain power not granted to them by the law. He said that some councils have lost focus, and are conducting unnecessary efforts, having forgotten their legal responsibilities and obligations.
Easa claimed that he is already witnessing atoll councils trying to operate as mini governments similar to a federal state, before the governing system has even been changed from a presidential system to a parliamentary system. He added that the aim of amending the Decentralization Act is lost if councils are given additional responsibilities.
MP Easa highlighted that the Noonu Atoll is proof that atoll councils cannot appropriately maintain state property. The atoll council sent unknown staff to an island entrusted to it by the government after it was adequately developed and handed over to a party for research purposes.
Members of the public have sent pictures of goods worth thousands being moved from the island in the presence of council members, said Easa. What is being done with the goods remains unknown.