Saturday 30th Sep 2023
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CP Examines Police Board's Decision to Terminate Police Executives

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed on Tuesday has revealed that he has decided to examine the Police Board’s decision to terminate some police executives to amend the Maldives Police Service.
The Police Board established under the new Police Act is responsible for determining whether high-ranking police officers are fit to lead. The board aims to bring changes to the high ranks of police within the first four months of their appointment. Apart from the Commissioner of Police, examining whether all commissioned officers above the rank of Superintendent are misusing their lawful position and power is also one of the board’s duties.
After their investigation, the board has decided to terminate seven officers. The decision was made after the officers were summoned to the board and the issues were considered in accordance with the law. The law mandates the Commissioner of Police to implement the board’s decisions. The Police Board’s statement released on Monday night read that the decision has been sent to CP Hameed for implementation.
Those to be terminated as per the board’s decision have the chance to present their case to the Employment Tribunal.