Sunday 2nd Oct 2022
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Hussain Amr

STO's MD Amr Acquires MVR 8.4 Million Property in Male'

Managing Director of State Trading Organisation (STO) Hussain Amr has purchased a large land plot in Male'.
Amr purchased G.Violet, the land that belonged to the long-serving contributor of the government An-Nabeela Habeeba Hussain Habeeb. The Civil Court order stated that the house had an area of 1183.7ft², enlisted all the buildings and goods on the property, and read that ownership of the land has been transferred to Hussain Amr Mohamed Rashaad of Hahdhunmathi, Gaafu Atoll, as he has purchased the land for MVR 8.4 million.
The summary report of the court order declared that the MVR 8.4 million was received by Habeeba Hussain Habeeb.
Prior to COVID-19, Amr's salary was MVR 100,000. Amr would have been able to purchase the land for MVR 8.4 million after seven interrupted years of collecting a monthly salary of MVR 100,000. Although he previously had barely any wealth to his name, Amr has suddenly become unusually wealthy after his appointment as Managing Director of STO. He now owns an expensive car with a domain and an expensive watch.