Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Thila-Male' bridge

Thilamale' Bridge Project Still Not Awarded to a Company

The Thilamale' Bridge project has still not been awarded to a company 13 days after the Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam, on behalf of the government, announced that the project would be awarded to a company within ten days.
During a press conference on June 8, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih declared that the project will be assigned in the coming two weeks. When questioned after the period had passed and the project had still not been assigned, Minister Aslam on June 28 stated it would be awarded within ten days.
"Considering all ongoing work, a contract will be signed and construction will begin in ten days", Aslam then stated.
However, the project has still not been awarded to a firm. According to some sources, the project is to be awarded to Afcons Infrastructure in India. The company previously funded Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi's campaign.
The current government decided to conduct Thilamale' Bridge project that was announced by former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom during his tenure.
The government has shared several dates regarding the construction of the bridge. In 2019, President Solih divulged that construction would begin by the end of the year, and structural work would begin in 2020. While four agreements pertaining to the bridge have been signed between the governments of India and Maldives, construction has still not begun.
The bridge is being funded by a USD 400 million loan from India.