Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Classified Information on Report Regarding May 6 Attack Leaked

Classified information that was omitted from the publicized version of the 241 Committee's report on the security breach that enabled the May 6 assassination attempt on former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has been leaked.
The report initially published by the parliament blacked out certain areas. However, the hidden areas are also visible once the report is copied and pasted into a Word document. Once notified, the report was removed and a new version that allowed the information to remain hidden was uploaded to the parliament's website. Sometime on Friday, a version of the report with the classified information visible was leaked on the internet.
The information now visible poses a danger to national security if made public. The leaked report includes confidential information regarding the operations of the Police Intelligence Service and Defence Intelligence Service, and former President Nasheed's security details.
A senior officer working for the Defense Intelligence Service expressed concern.
"This was an extremely irresponsible act. A file containing such confidential information must not be publicized without careful examination" said the officer who works for the Defence Intelligence Service.
A member of the 241 Committee previously requested Dhiyares and the Maldives Journal not to publish the information. About 15 hours later, the whole report had been leaked.