Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Mariya Didi

Reason Why Mariya Ignored Information Regarding Attack on Pres. Nasheed Revealed

The reason why Minister of Defense Mariya Didi did not act on the warning from parliament representative for Hulhumeedhoo constituency Ilyas Labeeb regarding the attack on former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has been revealed.
The report on the 241 Committee's parliament inquiry stated that Mariya did not share the information as according to 1-19 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, any such information must be reported to the police. The law does not recognize Ilyas Labeeb passing the information straight to the Defense Minister. Mariya claimed that the recipients of the information from Ilyas Labeeb cannot be held legally accountable.
As per Mariya, the threat level for Mohamed Nasheed could not have been increased despite informing Defence Intelligence Service, as the threat level for the former president was already critical, and there is no higher level.
The committee acknowledged Mariya's statement but cited that 3-19 (e) of the Anti-Terrorism Act reads that in addition to legally recognized intelligence organizations, if any other government administration receives critical information regarding terrorism, it must be reported to the relevant department of a legally recognized intelligence organization.
It was noted that Mariya's failure to report the information received while acting as Minister of Defense was a violation of laws against terrorism.
Many have been calling for the resignation of Defense Minister Mariya after the attack on former President Nasheed.