Thursday 9th Feb 2023
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We Have Noticed Imports of Christian Scriptures Written in Dhivehi: Customs

Maldives Customs Service declared that there has been an increase in attempts to import information on Christianity translated to Dhivehi.
A statement from Customs read that in checking writings imported via post, it has noticed an increase in scriptures on Christianity written in Dhivehi, sent under various foreign aliases. The envelopes are addressed to Maldivian organizations, individuals, and businesses. In the statement, Customs speculated that the recipients are oblivious, or being scammed into receiving the documents.
The import of religious materials offensive to Islam is prohibited in the Maldives. Customs and Maldives Police Service are working to identify those involved, and make sure the offense is not repeated, said Customs.
Earlier, Customs seized a box sent to Senahiya, containing pages of the Bible written in Dhivehi.