Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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MP Usham Reveals Rozaina's Deception to Committee Regarding Issue Involving Dhiyares

Parliament representative for Villimale' constituency and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions Ahmed Usham has revealed a false statement made by the Chair of the committee Rozaina Adam regarding a matter reported to Maldives Media Council (MMC) of an article published by Dhiyares and the Maldives Journal on the Deputy Indian High Commissioner.
During a hearing that the MMC was summoned to, Rozaina claimed she requested MMC to investigate as parliament representative for Henveiru-South Hussain Shaheem (Andhun) brought the matter to her attention. She also stated that requesting the MMC to investigate complaints involving articles in the media is a common procedure.
Commenting on Rozaina's statement, MP Usham believes that an official of the Indian High Commission contacting the head of a parliamentary committee to investigate a matter is greatly concerning. Rozaina then interrupted Usham to state that no one has requested her to investigate any matter. "I have repeatedly said that no one has asked me to look into any matter", said Rozaina.
She then reiterated that Andhun Hussain requested she look into the matter.
Usham then retaliated that Rozaina was well aware the letter from parliament to MMC read that the matter was reported upon an unofficial request from the Deputy Indian High Commissioner. He further stated that along with diplomatic immunity, international law dictates certain procedures diplomats are required to follow.
The parliamentary committee's consideration of complaints reported by means other than the diplomatic channel is a major issue, said Usham. However, he is displeased with the way the complaint is being handled.