Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Prosecution of Shark Fin Shipment Case Delayed Due to Customs

Prosecuting the case involving an attempt to ship shark fins has become difficult as revisions required by the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) were delayed.
The issue surfaced when 429kg of shark fins concealed in a shipment of salted fish was seized at Velana International Airport. Six months since the incident occurred, Maldives Customs Service has yet to share information with the media.
The PGO revealed that although Customs submitted the matter for prosecution, the incomplete investigation has left the matter stuck in the duty prosecution phase.
According to the Office, the case was brought up to duty prosecution on March 18, two months after the fins were seized.
After the duty prosecution required amendments, the case was then revised and submitted on May 15. The third revision required by the prosecution was re-sent on Sunday, after an additional two months.
Customs informer Mihaaru News that the delays were due to COVID-19, as some members summoned for statements had been in quarantine.