Thursday 30th May 2024
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Maldives to Bring Quran and Arabic Teachers from India

The first batch of Quran and Arabic teachers from India have arrived in the Maldives.
According to The Hindu, an Indian newspaper, the teachers from Kerala were sent to the Maldives as part of an agreement between the Indian and Maldivian governments.
Norka Roots, the agency assigned to recruit the teachers, also recruits doctors and nurses for the Maldives.
The Hindu reported that the teachers were requested by the Ministry of Education.
In addition, the news outlet declared that recruitment of nurses for a private hospital in the Maldives was underway, and the Maldivian Ministry of Health had requested 400 medical personnel for medical facilities across the country.
Quoting the Deputy High Commissioner of the Indian High Commission in the Maldives, Rohit Rathish, the paper declared the initiative was part of an agreement between President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The Ministry of Health is currently seeking 100 medical officers, 150 nurses, and 100 specialist doctors to help alleviate the strain on the industry.