Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Chief Ombudsperson

9 Complaints to Transitional Justice Office within One Week

The Office for Transitional Justice receives nine complaints within the first week of accepting complaints.
Established in 2020 under the Transitional Justice Act, the Office for Transitional Justice is focused on investigating and bringing justice to human rights violations during past presidencies.
According to a media official at the Office, nine complaints have been lodged thus far. No details regarding the cases were disclosed.
The Office is open for complaints until August 13.
Chief Ombudsperson Abdul Samad Arif informed 'Avas' that the Office will decide on whether to pursue a complaint within 15 days of it being lodged.
The Ombudsperson further stated that the organization is combing through official documents to research numerous issues that occurred in the past.
Due to COVID-19 curfews, the Office for Transitional Justice is accepting complaints online.