Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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Defense Minister Mariya Didi

Info Regarding Nasheed's Security Assessment Was Leaked by Mariya

A credible source has revealed to “The Maldives Journal” that the information published by local news outlet “Mihaaru” regarding the threats faced by and difficulties encountered in providing security to former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed at his residence, was provided to the newspaper by Defense Minister Mariya Didi.
According to the source, Minister Mariya had extended an invitation to a journalist from “Mihaaru” to meet her at the Defense Ministry in order to reveal the information. The report included many details regarding G. Kenereege; difficulties faced by security forces in providing protection to Speaker Nasheed at the residence; as well as other avenues as to how he could have been attacked in the area – all of which is classified information.
Ruling party MDP – of which Speaker Nasheed is President – has expressed grave concerns regarding the report, which is now under investigation by the Parliament Committee on National Security Services, of which MDP holds majority seats. The Committee’s report stated their belief that the information published in the report was highly classified and could only have been accessed by certain members of the country’s intelligence community and defense forces. As such, the revelation of such information is a serious breach of security provided to Speaker Nasheed and his family who reside at Kenereege, stated the Committee.
“The Maldives Journal” has learned that the 241 Committee is working to collect security camera footage in and around the Defense Ministry, in an effort to ascertain the identities of every person who entered the premises. A member of the 241 Committee further revealed to “The Maldives Journal” that no official request for the footage has been made yet, however, the Committee does not intend to leave a single stone unturned in their efforts to determine how the information was leaked.
“The information was leaked from the top. Only someone who conducted the security assessment, or someone with the clearance to see them would have been able to reveal this information”, said the member.
Many accuse that the reason for the information being revealed to “Mihaaru”, and such a report being published, is to divert attention away from the obvious incompetence of those who failed in their duties.
Previously, MP for North Maafannu Imthiyaz Fahmy had described this report as a very clear and joint effort by “insiders” to peddle propaganda.
Countless Maldivians have assigned blame to Minister Mariya for the May 6th attack on Speaker Nasheed, with his daughter Meera Laila Nasheed being foremost among them. What’s more, it was later revealed by Ilyas Labeeb, MP for Hulhudhoo Constituency, that days prior to the attack, he had shared with Minister Mariya information regarding a terror attack being planned to target Nasheed. The fact that no special security measures were taken upon receiving this information has further fanned flames of criticism against the Minister.
“The Maldives Journal” reached out to Minister Mariya for a statement regarding the accusation that she had revealed the information to “Mihaaru” News; however, no statement or comment was received at the time of the publication of this article.
Note: After the publication of this article, “The Maldives Journal” received a message from the Minister denying that she had revealed the information in question to “Mihaaru” News.