Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Concerns over MNDF’s Lack of Response Regarding Info Leak

Parliamentary representatives of MDP have expressed their concern regarding the leak of privileged information on the security offered to former President and Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed.
The Parliament’s Committee on National Security Services has launched a probe into how “Mihaaru” news received information regarding the former President’s security, as the contents of the article make it clear that the journalist’s source was someone within the security forces. During today’s parliament debate on the matter, many parliamentarians expressed grave concerns regarding the leak.
Speaking on the matter, the MP for the South Galolhu constituency, Meekail Naseem stated that the reason for the parliament launching the probe is that such leaks from within the nation’s security forces are in and of itself a violation of the security and protection they provide. The MP also stated that the parliament has no intention of infringing on press freedom or forcing any journalists to reveal their sources. However, when security forces fail to achieve their mandate leading to such leaks that have the potential of being life-threatening, it is the prerogative of the parliament to investigate.
Parliamentarian for North Maafannu constituency Imthiyaz Fahmy also harshly criticized the source who leaked such sensitive information; stating that for a member of Speaker Nasheed’s security team to make such information public is akin to robbing one’s own house. Moreover, the lack of a response from MNDF over the leak is gravely concerning, and proves that this was a preconceived propaganda effort by “insiders”, he said.
MP Imthiyaz Fahmy also stated that this raised questions whether the it was the same source who gave this information to “Mihaaru” news that also provided Nasheed’s attackers with the information they needed to plan their attack. He further noted that Speaker Nasheed had already been suspicious that security forces had been spending their time spying on him under the guise of providing security.
Parliamentarian for West Henveiru Hassan Latheef was also amongst those who expressed their concerns, stating that the information leaked to “Mihaaru” news included information from security briefings related to Speaker Nasheed’s residence and his movements that only a few from within the MNDF and Ministry of Defense are privy to.
MP Hassan Latheef also stated that MNDF’s silence on the matter is of grave concern, and that the leak should be thoroughly investigated by both the MNDF and by the National Security Council.