Monday 17th Jun 2024
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Israeli Jet Bound for Singapore Landed in Maldives

Malaysian news outlets have revealed that an Israeli jet that entered Malaysian airspace had taken off from the Maldives.
A statement released by the Malaysian Transport Ministry yesterday confirmed that an Israeli flight had entered Malaysian airspace briefly and that the flight did not display any abnormal flight patterns. The statement also said that the flight had adhered to guidelines set by the International Civil Aviation Organization, and had taken a path commonly used by aircrafts flying over Malaysian airspace.
The Malaysian Ministry also revealed that the flight had taken off from the Maldives on the 19th of May and was headed to Singapore. The Ministry also revealed that the flight is registered to Aerospace Industries-Elta, a company that is involved with the defense forces of the Zionist state. The official website of the company describes it as specializing in the development of advanced defense and intelligence electronics.
The Maldives Airports Company did not respond to requests for comment.
However, a source revealed to “The Maldives Journal” that flight number DAS101 made a “technical stop” at Velana International Airport. Typically, flights make technical stops to refuel or carry out maintenance.
The Israeli flight arrived in the Maldives from Seychelles and was bound for Paya Lebar, a military airport in Singapore. The registration number for this Boeing 737 jet is said to be 4XAOO.
Spokesperson for the President’s Office, Mabrouk Azeez did not respond to requests for comment, so an official statement from the Maldivian government was not available.