Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Is there any country or city to which a consulate brought development?: Niyaz

Former Auditor General Niyaz Ibrahim has challenged the claim made by Addu City Mayor and Parliament representatives, that the establishment of an Indian consulate is necessary for the development of the City; questioning whether there is any country or city which was developed and industrialized due to the presence of a consulate on its soil.
Many have been expressing their concerns and dissension with the Indian Cabinet’s decision to establish a consulate in Addu City, since the decision was announced. However, the city’s Mayor and its elected parliamentary representatives are touting the idea that the consulate is somehow connected to and necessary for the future development and prosperity of the city.
Referring to these claims, Niyaz tweeted that his humble mind couldn’t conceive of any way that the establishment of a consulate would bring about such development for any city, or nation; going on to ask if anyone knew an example of any city or country that was developed thus.
Niyaz has tweeted in this mien even before. Still, he states that given adequate reasons and when appropriate, he would not be against the establishment of a diplomatic mission of any nation in a city or island of the Maldives.
However, Niyaz said that it is not possible to believe the words of people who claim that the establishment of a diplomatic mission will be the harbinger of development and developmental support. Further, Niyaz stated that it is beneath politicians to make such baseless and illogical claims, and that it is not wrong to expect our politicians to be at least somewhat politically and diplomatically savvy.
Spokesperson of the President’s Office, Mabrouk Azeez stated recently that the decision to establish an Indian consulate was one that was taken by the Indian government, and that the Maldivian government had not reached a decision on the matter yet. However, many members of ruling party MDP, as well as parliamentary representatives, have come out publicly in support of such a decision.
Niyaz also referred to statements made by prominent citizens of Addu such as Professor Hassan Ugail, who have stated that the establishment of an Indian consulate in Addu City will neither benefit the city, nor bring any development.