Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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MP Eva Abdullah

No Confidence in Parliament Committees: Deputy Speaker

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eva Abdulla has stated that there is no longer any confidence left in the Parliament committees to carry out the MMPRC investigation to its full extent thoroughly.
During the debate on the floor regarding the sea travel bill, the issue of the MMPRC case rose following heated comments were exchanged between Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed regarding Addu-Maradhoo Constituency Member Adam Shareef’s involvement in the MMPRC scandal.
Following this confrontation, Deputy Speaker noted that Parliament is not carrying out this case as should be and that Parliament majority is not being used accordingly to investigate the MMPRC scandal. She further highlighted that there is no confidence in the committee any longer to carry this out.
Eva submitted a motion to form a joint committee consisting of the entire Parliament to go forth with the MMPRC investigation as transparently as possible. ‘I have no confidence that the current Parliament committee entrusted with this matter will carry it out fully.’, stated the Deputy Speaker. She further noted that her trust remains with Speaker Nasheed.
‘I ask that this matter be investigated as transparently and inclusively as possible, she requested from the Speaker.