Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Will Make Roads Safer: Mayor Elect

Malé City Mayor-Elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has stated that priority will be given to ensure that all the streets of Malé are safe.
Dr. Muizzu tweeted stating that special attention should be paid towards this and all authorities & City Council should join hands together to ensure safety for all on the streets of Malé City. Dr. Muizzu tweeted this regarding the rape case where the woman was snatched off the street during early times of the night.
Gender Ministry stated that the woman has now been provided a safe space and protection. It should be noted that no relevant authorities have officially said anything regarding this case.
Cases such as these have been increasing recently and a case of a 3 year old being sexually abused has surfaced.
Dr. Muizzu stated that he will work to end street harassment as well.