Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Foreign Minister Departs to Kuwait on Official Trip

Foreign Minister Shahid has left for Kuwait, on an official visit.
Minister Shahid will be meeting with high officials of the Kuwaiti government. Shahid is scheduled to meet with foreign minister Dr. Nasir Z, Dr Ahmed Nasir Al Mohamed Al Ahmed Al Jabir Al Sabah during his trip.
Foreign ministry stated that Minister Shahid was scheduled to meet other officials of the Kuwaiti administration as well. They further stated that Shahid would be discussing on developing the relationship between Kuwait and Maldives. Shahid will also be discussing the progress of the development projects conducted with aid given by Kuwait.
A few officials from the foreign ministry traveled out with Minister Shahid today. The entourage consisted of Multilateral secretary Dr. Hala Hameed, Director Moomina Ibrahim, and Assistant Director Ahmed Salman Zaki.
Kuwait has always been a loyal friend to the Maldives, made stronger by the ties of Islam that have bound the two countries as brothers. Foreign Minister Shahid has been a frequent traveler upon taking office. He has recently resumed his official travels after halting them due to covid in 2020.