Wednesday 16th Jun 2021
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No Flooding in Male' Since MDP Came to Power: Shahid

Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid has stated that the roads of Male' has not experienced flooding since MDP government assumed office.
The Minister stated this in a speech delivered at the campaign ending ceremony of “Rahvehi Fathis” at AA. Rasdhoo. While criticizing opposition Male’ Mayoral Candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizz, the Minister stated that during PPM government, even a slight amount of drizzle could overflow the roads yet after MDP came into power in 2018, Male’ citizens have not experienced this since. Despite Shahid stating this, Male’ roads still often experience overflow and flooding even during short rain showers.
The only notable road development taken place after MDP came into power in 2018 is the near 100 feet of Kanbaa Aisa Rani Hngun. It should also be noted that despite this development the road did experience flooding 2 days after during a rain shower.