Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Insufficient Evidence to Arrest Alleged Rapists: Police

Maldives Police Service has stated that the alleged perpetrators of the child sex abuse case in which a minor under 18 was raped, was not placed in remand due to insufficient evidence.
Due to no arrests taking place in regards to this case, a number citizens in Maduvvari protested near the Maduvvari police station. When questioned, the Police media officer stated that no arrests have taken place due to insufficient amounts of evidence against the accused.
The police further stated that in cases like these, finding evidence against the accused is crucial and sensitive henceforth the details of the case cannot be shared with the media. The police also instructed the media to report only from trusted sources and to report in regards and in line to the sensitivity of the case.
When questioned upon the allegations whether a police officer was involved in the crime or not, the police media officer stated that a case was filed to the authorities on 11th of March and that the incident took place on the third of March and that currently there is no sufficient evidence to charge any parties regarding this case.
Despite the police stating this, under the Special Provisions Act regarding Child Sex Offenders section 47 sub-section (f), a testimony given by the victim to either a parent, a medical professional, a psychologist or a psychiatrist qualifies as evidence.