Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Moosa Solih

President's Uncle Appointed as Consultant for the Regional Airports Company

Former acting Managing Director of MACL, Moosa Solih has been appointed as a consultant for Regional Airports Company (RAC).
Speaking on Moosa Solih's appointment, the current MD for RAC Rizvee, stated that Moosa was appointed for his invaluable experience while serving the air travel industry.
Rizvee also further elaborated that Moosa would be joining in the day-to-day work that goes on in RAC, and that the consultancy post will be a very useful and beneficial one for the company.
President Ibrahim Solih's uncle, Moosa Solih had served MACL for 39 years before retiring last year. Moosa Solih served as the acting MD of MACL a few days after his nephew swore in as the President.
RAC's MD Rizvee is the stepson of President Solih's sister. Since assuming office, President Solih has handed over key government positions to family and friends.